Master Class in Performance Practice

This year, The Masterclass workshop may be facilitated when a school participates in one of the two Inside Irish Traditional Music presentations. This workshop is focused on performance style, is one hour in length and If the quartet is engaged, there is the added option of a vocal workshop from Kevin Conneff. In preparation for the instrumental workshop, a suite of tunes will be sent in advance and is available both in the form of a soundcloud audio file (see below) and transcription in staff notation. If the vocal workshop is elected, two songs will be sent in advance, the particular sub-genre of which may be selected from a series of songs which will be made available on our website soon.



This component will cater for groups of ten to fifteen at both junior and senior cycles and is priced at €10 per student. The available period for workshops for this year is:

Owing to the response received last year, we expect demand to be high and as the number of workshops that can be delivered is limited, bookings can only be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact us through our booking form.


The suite of tunes on which the workshop is facilitated in both staff notation, which can be downloaded here, and as an MP3 file that can be accessed on the SoundCloud file below.


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