Secondary School

Inside Irish Traditional Music

This new performance-based presentation takes groups of 30+ students on a narrative of the evolution of Irish traditional music from the seventeenth century harp tradition to the latest developments in the genre. Presented by Martin Tourish and Cormac De Barra . Read More >>

The Masters’ Quartet

This new performance-based presentation features Martin Tourish and Claire Sherry with harpist Triona Marshall, and the vocalist and bodhrán player Kevin Conneff* from the six-time Grammy award winning band, The Chieftains. In a presentation lasting a little over one hour that caters for groups of 120+ students, the musicians chart the story of Irish traditional music from the seventeenth century right up until present, using film, discussion and powerpoint slides that explains the music as it is being played.

Master Class

This year, The Masterclass workshop may be facilitated when a school participates in one of the two Inside Irish Traditional Music presentations. Read More >>


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