Inside Irish Traditional Music

This new performance-based presentation for 30+ students takes them on a narrative of the evolution of Irish traditional music from the seventeenth century harp tradition to the latest developments in the genre. Presented by Martin Tourish and Cormac De Barra, the workshop will cover:


The Harp Tradition: demonstrating sequences and the Italian and Gaelic influences on the style of the bardic harpists.

The Tune-types: each are played and explained using visual presentation and interactive discourse.

Regional Styles: recorded and live examples are used to demonstrate the characteristics of the various regional styles.

Ornamentation: examples of the main ornament types and how they are used on a variety of instruments.

The Tradition/ Innovation Debate: use of film, discussion and recordings to demonstrate both arguments.

Fusion: recorded and live examples are used to delve into the many types of fusion in the genre.

Q&A: students are encouraged to ask questions following the presentation.


This component will cater for groups of thirty or more at both junior and senior cycles and is priced at €10 per student. The available period for workshops for this year is:

We expect demand to be high and due to the bands’ international touring schedules, the number of workshops that can be delivered is limited. Bookings can only be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact us through our booking form.

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